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The exposed thong trend is keeping me awake at night


Public displays of itty-bitty underwear are on the rise again. But after years of living in a world of high-waisted trousers, where the risk of exposing my knickers with one wrong move is minimal, I’m not sure how ready I am. The trend is another noughties revival. And, for those who didn’t live through it, memorable celebrity moments usually involved either a sneaky strap sighting or a full whale tail (displaying the rear triangle of thong material). Take Halle Berry at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Her exposed waistband put the finishing touches to a very pink and very beaded two-piece. While Gillian Anderson’s appearance at the 2001 Vanity Fair Oscar Party saw her don a simple, long-sleeve gown, her clearly visible G-string providing just the accessory she needed. Yet, despite both being major examples of how to nail the divisive trend, I can’t help but wonder how well an EPL (that’s exposed, FYI) works when you’re not on the red carpet – or Dua Lipa. For starters, I’d have to invest in a presentabl­e pair. Lockdown was all about substance over style when it came to my underwear, which roughly translates as a drawer packed with full-coverage comfy bum-huggers (and proud). Let’s just say there isn’t a slinky bejewelled G-string in sight. Then there’s the matter of what to wear on top of said G-string to allow for suitable exposure without excessivel­y flashing unsuspecti­ng citizens, and ensuring it looks intentiona­lly fashun, rather than like a hideous wardrobe malfunctio­n. Maybe what’s really missing, though, is a total disregard for what other people think of me. I’m working on that. In the meantime, I think I’ll keep my intimates just the way they are, out of sight.

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Taking VPL to a whole new level

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