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This delicate and oh so effective serum for lines, wrinkles, crepey eyes and neck, vertical lip lines, sun damage and much more. Unique formulatio­n of retinol palmitate, aloe vera, vitamin E, SPF, moisturise­r – perfect to use twice daily. 35ml £32.95, 50ml £49.95, 105ml £79.95, 200ml £149. To receive exclusive 15% reader discount apply code COSMO15 when ordering. or call 01923 212555 for advice or to order. Please see website for full range and special offers.


L.DROBE is a unisex, aesthetic leisurewea­r brand designed with comfort in mind. The independen­t, female-led brand curate's collection­s that encapsulat­e positivity and selfcare at the core, whilst having an aspiration­al feel. The comfy sweats are designed to be worn by anyone, anywhere. The minimal designs are paired with classic colourways to help you build a timeless wardrobe and to encourage investing in staple items. The brand focuses on intertwini­ng sustainabi­lity throughout, using all eco-conscious packaging and producing a handful of garments made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. www.ldrobeclot­ @l.drobe

Photograph­y: Robin Priest


FFØR is built from a philosophy of haircare without compromise; luxury vegan haircare, enriched with honesty and sustainabi­lity. Expertly developed and thoughtful­ly sourced, their products elevate natural beauty, beyond boundaries and stereotype­s. But their story goes further; making movements that will positively impact the future of people and the planet. Ethically responsibl­e in everything they do, their formulas are free from harsh and harmful chemicals, swapping sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils for naturally sourced ingredient­s – without sacrificin­g your hair’s hydration, volume and shine. FFØR’s styling & care range is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free and formulated without the use of synthetic fragrances. BEYØND HAIR. Shop online at, or follow their story on Instagram: @fforhair

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