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We’re ready to move in with The Receipts hosts

Tolly, Audrey and Milena from The Receipts Podcast on binge-worthy TV and their dream house guests


Are you early birds or night owls?

TOLLY: I try to wake up at 5am because that’s what Twitter said [was productive], but I’m definitely a night owl. MILENA: I’m a balance of both.

AUDREY: I would rather get up early and get everything done.

What’s the weirdest thing in your bedroom? TOLLY: I still have loads of my school reports. MILENA: I keep Christmas cards and gift bags under my mattress.

What’s your ultimate comfort TV show? AUDREY: UK crime dramas are my favourite, such as Luther or Marcella.

TOLLY: Romcoms are my kink. I’ve watched About Last Night on Netflix about seven times. MILENA: I like reality

TV like Love Is Blind, or anything that makes me laugh. Gogglebox and Come Dine With Me.

Who throws the best house parties?

TOLLY: I threw a party for my 30th. I love to host. I’m a birthday person. AUDREY: I love cooking. My dad’s a chef. My current signature is shakshuka, or anything with truffle.

What’s your prized home possession? MILENA: I have a drawer full of our achievemen­ts – all of our interviews and little awards. AUDREY: Mine is not that sentimenta­l. Mine’s my couch – it’s beige suede.

Who would be your dream celebrity housemate?

TOLLY: How big is the house? I’ll have Tracee

Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union and Issa Rae. MILENA: I’ll have Tolly’s worst nightmare, which is High School Musical. Breaking into [random] song. AUDREY: I’d have the Jackson family. I have so many questions.

What do you always have in your fridge?

TOLLY: Champagne. MILENA: Lurpak. AUDREY: Oat milk – I drink a lot of tea.

How many alarms do you have?

MILENA: *Scrolls through phone to show multiple alarms*

TOLLY: I have a 6am and an 8.30am alarm. Sometimes I snooze between the two.

AUDREY: I don’t have any. I wake up naturally.

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