Cotswold Life : 2020-08-01



COTSWOLD PETS Animal MAGNETISM Dreadlocke­d, web-footed ‘Dog Marley’; a Hitchcock-loving green-cheeked conure; Buddy the geriatric guinea pig; bone-crunching Magik Cat; a feline Donald Trump impersonat­or; and an unpronounc­able Egyptian lizard... meet some of our characterf­ul Cotswold companions MARLEY “This is Marley, who’s four and has been with me from a puppy. He‘s also known as ‘Dog Marley’ due to his dreadlocks, which he inherited from his dad, a pure-bred Spanish water dog. As the name would suggest, he’s CRAZY about water. He loves to swim; in fact, if there’s so much as a puddle about, he’ll be in it! Being one of the strongest swimming breeds in the world, they use the broad base of their tail as a rudder and can swim in quite strong currents and seas. The breed’s even used to help fishing in some countries as they also have big, webbed feet! Folklore would have you believe that Spanish water dogs are particular­ly great with children and are protective of women, as they were left over hundreds of years, with the women and children of Spanish villages for the first winter of their lives, until they were old enough to join the shepherds in the mountains. They would protect the sheep flock and then, as the flock and the dog left the mountains for the pastures, the dogs would be shorn – Cotswold Life: August 2020 73