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Two recipes to whet the ap­petite ahead of the re­turn of game sea­son

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Makes: Cook­ing time: 30 mins 40g sage and onion stuff­ing mix

300g lean minced veni­son

100g lean minced pork Fresh rose­mary leaves,

1 tbsp, finely chopped, or 1 tsp dried rose­mary

1 large egg, yolk only

2 tsp olive oil

50g car­rot, peeled and grated

25g leek, thinly sliced

250g coleslaw

4 burger buns, toasted

40g baby kale leaves

Soak stuff­ing mix in 4 ta­ble­spoons of boil­ing wa­ter for 5 min­utes.

Put veni­son, pork, stuff­ing, rose­mary and sea­son­ing in a bowl. Add egg yolk and mix un­til thor­oughly com­bined. Di­vide into four equal por­tions and form into burger shapes about 10cm (4in) in di­am­e­ter.

Heat a large fry­ing pan un­til hot and brush with oil. Add burg­ers and cook over a medium heat for 7–8 min­utes on each side un­til cooked through.

Mix car­rot and leek into coleslaw. Serve burg­ers in buns with baby kale and coleslaw.

Tip: Use lean minced beef as an al­ter­na­tive to veni­son.

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 ??  ?? Recipe by the Dairy Di­ary, dairy­di­ dairy-cook­books
Recipe by the Dairy Di­ary, dairy­di­ dairy-cook­books

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