in­vest in a su­per-ef­fi­cient stove that’s hot on de­sign and eco Cre­den­tials. here are our favourites for au­tumn

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Wood burn­ers for cosy win­ter days

When the tem­per­a­ture drops, there’s noth­ing more wel­com­ing than a wood-burn­ing stove. If you’re tempted in­stead by an open fire, just be aware that around 80% of the heat will es­cape up the chim­ney, while a snug stove sends 80% or more of the heat into the room. The fire­place isn’t the only place for a stove; free­stand­ing ver­sions can be­come the high­light of a room when po­si­tioned in the cor­ner or as the cen­tre­piece of an open-plan space, with the flue ex­it­ing through an out­side wall, or up and out via the roof. An insert stove, set flush into the chim­ney breast or a wall, will also cre­ate a dra­matic fea­ture.

Cast-iron stoves have ex­cel­lent heat

re­ten­tion prop­er­ties and can be cast with in­tri­cate de­tail­ing, but steel stoves are lighter in weight and lend them­selves to con­tem­po­rary de­signs such as cylin­dri­cal mod­els on a pedestal. Choose a wood burner, and the wood will burn ef­fi­ciently on a flat bed of ash. Mul­ti­fuel stoves, which also burn solid fuel, have a rid­dling grate that lets ash fall through.

Which­ever stove you Choose, ex­pect your sup­plier and He­tas-reg­is­tered en­gi­neer to ad­vise on the po­si­tion­ing, hearth, flue, and power of the stove. de­spite Wood be­ing Con­sid­ered an ecofriendly Car­bon-neu­tral fuel, stoves have been in the fir­ing line re­cently, since the emis­sions con­trib­ute to air pol­lu­tion. If you live in a Smoke Con­trol Area and want to burn wood, you must buy a De­fra-ex­empted ap­pli­ance which is guar­an­teed to burn cleanly, or burn smoke­less fuel on a mul­ti­fuel stove. From 2022 more strin­gent reg­u­la­tions will come into force; some stoves al­ready com­ply with the Stove In­dus­try Al­liance’s (SIA) Ecode­sign Ready scheme.

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