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The UK’S first house-selling ‘weather’ forecast has been launched by Theadvisor­y, the UK’S oldest independen­t resource for property sellers. Through a postcode search and harnessing methodolog­y used by traders, asset managers and developers for years, Propcast tells users how hot or cold the buyers’ or sellers’ market is in a particular area, incorporat­ing historic trends and heat maps of adjoining areas. For example, in a ‘hot’ market, sellers have plenty of buyers to choose from and the upper hand when it comes to strategy.

‘Propcast gives everyone 20:20 vision to see what’s really happening,’ says Gavin Brazg, Theadvisor­y’s founder and CEO. ‘Like any good weather forecast, it’s accurate local informatio­n that counts. National housing market reports can be misleading [without] looking at the tiny markets within.’ Sheffield S7 was the hottest postcode last month; London WC2 the coolest. Visit www.theadvisor­

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