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What hap­pens

Apreg­nant woman de­vel­ops a crav­ing for a va­ri­ety of let­tuce called ra­pun­zel and her hus­band steals some from the fairy next door. the fairy is cross, takes the child as pay­ment, names her ra­pun­zel and keeps her in a tower. an amorous prince spots the teenage girl and uses her hair to climb into the tower for ‘a merry time’. ra­pun­zel gets preg­nant and the now even crosser fairy chops off all her hair and ban­ishes her to a des­o­late land. the prince throws him­self from the tower, los­ing both eyes.

af­ter stum­bling about in the for­est for a few years, he hap­pens upon ra­pun­zel, now mother to twins. She cries on him, which some­how re­stores his sight, but they are still in the des­o­late land.

The moral of the story

Some­times, a preg­nant woman’s crav­ings should go un­sat­is­fied. Don’t name chil­dren af­ter let­tuces. Boys should be pre­vented from climb­ing through the win­dows of teenage girls. no good comes of dras­tic hair­cuts. If all else fails, have a good cry.

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