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What hap­pens

AGirl’s new step­mother and step­sis­ters de­mote her to maid, re­nam­ing her Cin­derella and mak­ing her sort through bowls of lentils. When her step­sis­ters go off to a party with a prince, some kindly pi­geons sort Cin­derella’s lentils for her and tell her of a magic tree. The tree pro­vides Cin­derella with a frock and a car­riage so she can at­tend the party, where the prince falls in love with her. in her haste to leave be­fore mid­night, Cin­derella leaves her golden slip­per be­hind.

The prince de­crees that he will marry whomever the shoe fits, so the step­sis­ters cut off var­i­ous parts of their enor­mous feet to fool him. The pi­geons re­veal their de­cep­tion and the prince whisks Cin­derella away.

The moral of the story

Pi­geons aren’t al­ways an­noy­ing. no one likes a girl with big feet.

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