The Wolf and the Seven Kids

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What hap­pens

AMOTHER goat needs to go to the shops and, be­fore leav­ing, warns her seven kids not to an­swer the door to the lo­cal wolf or he’ll eat them. The wolf man­ages to con­vince the kids that he is, in fact, a small goat. On gain­ing en­try, he eats them all ex­cept one, which has hid­den it­self in a clock case, then leaves for a post­pran­dial nap.

Mother Goat re­turns and learns what has hap­pened from her re­main­ing kid. She finds the slum­ber­ing wolf, cuts his stom­ach open and re­leases her kids—which, hap­pily, he swal­lowed whole—and re­places them with stones, sew­ing him back up so he won’t no­tice. Wak­ing up with stom­ach ache, the wolf tries to take a drink from a well and falls in, thanks to his stone-filled belly. Prob­a­bly drowns.

The moral of the story

Young chil­dren, goats and pigs shouldn’t an­swer the door to strangers (still a valid les­son). You will ul­ti­mately be pun­ished for wicked deeds (also valid).

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