The Nightin­gale and the Blind­worm

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What hap­pens

Anightin­gale and a blind­worm co­habit hap­pily, other than the fact that they only have one eye each. When the bird is in­vited to a wed­ding, the worm kindly hands over her eye so that the nightin­gale can get a good gawp at the bride and groom. the bird de­cides she likes be­ing able to see in more than one di­rec­tion and re­fuses to give it back. the blind­worm swears she will have re­venge on the nightin­gale’s chil­dren, her chil­dren’s chil­dren, their chil­dren and so on and so forth.

The moral of the story

gen­eros­ity goes un­re­warded and grudges should be held onto. Birds and worms can­not be friends.

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