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Trim lavender and other sil­ver leaved plants, eg san­tolina and curry plant (Helichry­sum italicum)

Check lilies daily for lily bee­tles and pick them off Boost shrubs in con­tain­ers with a top-up of fresh com­post

Sow leeks and Florence fen­nel

Erect sup­ports for climbing beans and runner beans

Lift and di­vide peren­ni­als

Sow an­nual climbers eg black­eyed Su­san (Thun­ber­gia alata)

Dead­head nar­cissi to keep the bulbs vig­or­ous

Sow hardy an­nu­als out­side

Clean out an over­crowded pond and di­vide wa­terlilies

Ap­ply a first dose of anti-slug ne­ma­todes once soil has warmed up (green­gar­dener.co.uk)

Move young plants from the green­house into cold frames

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