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This is a great way to use up rem­nants of fab­rics or clothes that have pretty pat­tern­ing, and it makes a per­fect home­made gift. You can also use this tech­nique to make cor­sages for a coat or hat.

YOU WILL NEED Pretty light­weight fab­rics (cut into 23cm x 10cm pieces) News­pa­per Small, wide paint­brush Fray-stop fab­ric glue (avail­able from hob­by­craft.co.uk) Mill­board or card­board Cut­ting mat 10mm-20mm durable steel flower hole punch for leather crafts (avail­able from etsy.com/uk) Small ham­mer Large nee­dle Small flower sta­mens (avail­able from etsy.com/uk) Fab­ric glue Pen­cil Scis­sors Dou­ble-sided tape Pale green felt (or a colour that works with your flow­ers) 30cm of ric rac rib­bon A4 piece of coloured card

1 Lay a piece of fab­ric right-side down on a sheet of news­pa­per. Us­ing the paint­brush, cover the back of the fab­ric in a thin layer of fray-stop glue. Re­move from the news­pa­per and leave to dry. Re­peat with sev­eral pieces of fab­ric.

2 Place a piece of (dry) fab­ric on top of a piece of mill­board or card­board, with a cut­ting mat (fac­ing right-side down) un­der­neath. Po­si­tion the punch flower-side down onto the fab­ric and care­fully tap the top sev­eral times with the ham­mer, hold­ing the punch steadily around the mid­dle. Cut out sev­eral flow­ers. You may want to try this on an of­f­cut of fab­ric first to en­sure you ap­ply enough pres­sure. Also try fold­ing the fab­ric into a con­certina to cut sev­eral flow­ers at once.

3 Once you’ve cut enough fab­ric flow­ers, use the large nee­dle to pierce a hole in the cen­tre of each one and thread through a sta­men. Squeeze a droplet of fab­ric glue onto the back of the flower to se­cure the sta­men. Turn up­side down and leave to dry. Re­peat for all the flow­ers.

4 Draw and cut out a 17cm-wide heart shape from the mill­board or card­board. Cover one side in dou­ble-sided tape (with back­ing re­moved) and place this side onto the cen­tre of a sheet of felt, press­ing down firmly to se­cure in place. Draw a 3cm bor­der around the heart onto the felt and then cut out.

5 Start­ing at the bot­tom point, cut the 3cm bor­der of felt in 1cm in­ter­vals, from the edge of the felt to the edge of the heart. Stick dou­ble-sided tape (with back­ing re­moved) around the edge of the board heart, gen­tly fold each felt flap over the edge of the heart and se­cure in place on the tape.

6 At­tach the ric rac rib­bon in a loop to the back of the heart with fab­ric glue (where the felt has been folded over) us­ing tape. Cover this side with an­other heart cut from a piece of coloured card (to the same size), use fab­ric glue to se­cure in place with the ends of the ric rac rib­bon in be­tween.

7 Turn the heart over and be­gin to cover the front with flow­ers, start­ing at the top edge, at­tach­ing them in place with fab­ric glue. You may need to trim the sta­mens as you go. Add flow­ers un­til the front is fully cov­ered.

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