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Th­ese cheer­ful de­signs are easy to make and chil­dren will en­joy fill­ing them with choco­late eggs and sweet treats.

YOU WILL NEED A4 pa­per (to print tem­plate) Pen­cil A4 trac­ing pa­per A3 pas­tel-coloured card Scis­sors Cut­ting mat Scalpel or craft knife Black wa­ter­proof pen (such as the Faber-castell Brush Pitt Pen) Sys­tem 3 acrylic (I used Burnt Si­enna, Cad­mium Red and Black) Old plate (to mix paint) Round hog-hair brush Dou­ble-sided tape or sta­pler

1 Down­load and print the bas­ket tem­plate from eliz­a­beth­har­ Make a trac­ing of the chicken shape and two trac­ings of the chicken’s de­tails (one a mir­ror im­age) – feath­ers, eye, etc, to give you a tem­plate for both sides of the chicken. 2 Fold a piece of A3 coloured card in half and trans­fer the shape (from the trac­ing pa­per) onto the card with a pen­cil, mak­ing sure that the fold of the card is at the base of the chicken. 3 Keep­ing the folded card to­gether, cut around the shape, keep­ing the fold at the base in­tact. 4 Place the chicken (still folded) onto a cut­ting mat and use a scalpel to cut out the han­dles. 5 Trans­fer the de­tails (feath­ers, eye, etc) from the trac­ing pa­per onto each side of the chicken (still folded). Draw over th­ese in the black pen. 6 Squeeze a blob of each paint onto an old plate. Brush a small amount of black or brown loosely over the body fol­low­ing the di­rec­tion of the feath­ers. Use the same tech­nique with a lighter pres­sure to cover the neck and head. 7 Clean the brush and use the red acrylic to paint the wat­tles and comb. 8 Once dry, turn over and paint the other side in the same way. Leave to dry. 9 Open out the chicken (so the painted side is show­ing) and ap­ply brush­strokes in­wards to the side flaps, breast and un­der­side of the tail. Leave to dry. 10 Gen­tly bend the breast and un­der­side of the tail flap in­wards and se­cure in place to the in­side of the body us­ing dou­ble-sided tape or staple in place.

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