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Variety is key for kitchen lighting. Warm LED strips beneath wall cabinets and under worktop edges are ideal for when you really need to see what you are doing. If you go for spotlights, choose the angled type so you can direct them where needed and avoid glare. In the middle of the room, a row of pendants is better than one, as it will distribute light evenly. Have them on adjustable cables to quickly change the mood. If you don’t have space for a separate pantry, consider a larder cupboard instead – it will keep all your dry goods and spices in one convenient place. A built-in one is more streamline­d, but a painted freestandi­ng design adds a cheerful note to a room. Committed cooks should invest in dividers for the drawers next to the cooker so your utensils will be organised and save you scrambling for things in a hurry. Look for individual elements that you can customise rather than one-size-fits-all trays. Profession­als favour cast-iron and copper saucepans for results as well as looks, but they’re not all suitable for induction hobs. For these, go for 3-ply stainless steel – Le Creuset makes a good range. To protect your worktop, have a selection of chopping boards to hand. Wooden ones carved in interestin­g shapes or marble blocks look good enough for serving dishes at the table. Consider a butcher’s block for heavy tasks, such as carving joints, and storing extra tools. If it’s on wheels, you can move it closer to the cooker or dining table as needed.

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