Treat­ing dis­eases in an­i­mals

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Al­liTech has been taken orally for over 10 years by hu­mans to elim­i­nate viruses which an­tibi­otics can sel­dom de­stroy. No side-ef­fects re­ported us­ing Al­liTech.

Lymes Dis­ease

Cello the horse lived on Dart­moor and was bit­ten by a tick. The vet did a blood test to con­firm Cello had Lymes Dis­ease. We were told about Al­liTech, a nat­u­ral al­licin based prod­uct. We gave 60ml per day on feed and drench and Cello re­cov­ered to be rid­den again. Thank you Al­liTech!

Per­sis­tent Cough

Davey had a very bad cough. He is a 15 year old horse but when Al­liTech was added to his food his con­di­tion im­proved, the cough dis­ap­peared and he be­came much more lively.

Fight In­fec­tion

Vets used Al­liTech when a horse broke his pedal bone to stop in­fec­tion. Af­ter three months the horse was walk­ing again. Suc­cess­fully tri­aled by doc­tors to fight MRSA

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