Cats eye up wild ducks

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Is it best to leave wild ducks alone? A friend has a duck in her gar­den sit­ting on some eggs. The neigh­bours have got two young cats who are very in­ter­ested in her. They want to make a coop etc. but is it bet­ter to leave her alone?

VR SAYS: Not an easy ques­tion since the cats are li­able to get if not the duck, then the eggs, or the duck­lings when they hatch. For the sake of the duck, it may be best to scare her off her nest, de­stroy the nest and the eggs and she will then lay another clutch, hope­fully some­where safer! The loss of a nest and eggs is com­mon in na­ture and ducks are pro­grammed to lay and sit again if some­thing hap­pens to the clutch or the nest.

Male Mal­lard Duck

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