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“Laven­der is a di­lu­tion fac­tor pre­sent in Ja­cobs,” ex­plains Liz. “Its ex­pres­sion ap­pears to re­quire the pres­ence of a dom­i­nant black geno­type. There are two kinds of ge­netic black in sheep: a re­ces­sive ver­sion, which is wide­spread and oc­curs in many breeds, and a dom­i­nant black, pre­sent in just a few. Bal­wen and Blue Texel, for example, have a re­ces­sive black. The colour of Ja­cob and Zwart­bles is due to dom­i­nant black.

“There is some vari­a­tion in in­ten­sity of laven­der colour. We are not sure what the in­flu­ence(s) is/are. It is pos­si­ble that the laven­der shade dif­fers ac­cord­ing to whether the in­di­vid­ual is ho­mozy­gous (hav­ing two of the same al­lele, an al­lele be­ing dif­fer­ent forms of the same gene) or het­erozy­gous (hav­ing one each of two dif­fer­ent al­le­les) for dom­i­nant black. It is thought that the laven­der geno­type does not show well on a re­ces­sive black geno­type.”

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