De­ter­ring preda­tors

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Q Is chicken wire re­ally suit­able for fenc­ing chicken runs?

A Andy Cawthray says: Al­though it is cheap, easy to in­stall and has chicken in the name, chicken wire should be avoided if you are look­ing to keep preda­tors from dec­i­mat­ing your flock. This light­weight, oc­tag­o­nal-shaped wire will keep your chick­ens in, but it won’t keep the preda­tors out. Preda­tors, whether foxes in the UK or rac­coons in the US, can eas­ily bite and dig their way through it to get to the chick­ens. Chicken wire should only be used in day­time runs where you have di­rect su­per­vi­sion over your flock.

Chicken wire is not ideal for keep­ing out preda­tors

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