The co­nun­drum of tag­ging and reg­is­ter­ing cross-bred pigs

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QI am new to pig breed­ing and I bought an in-pig sow a few months ago which has now far­rowed. The lit­ter is cross-bred and I am plan­ning to sell the piglets as wean­ers in a few weeks’ time. Do I need to birth-no­tify or reg­is­ter them in any way and do I have to tag them be­fore I am able to sell them?

ALiz Shank­land says: Con­grat­u­la­tions on your first lit­ter. If they are cross-bred, they don’t need to be birth-no­ti­fied or reg­is­tered. Only reg­is­tered, pedi­gree pigs are birth-no­ti­fied with the Bri­tish Pig As­so­ci­a­tion (or the rel­e­vant breed so­ci­ety in the case of Kunekunes and Bri­tish Lops) and, of those, only the piglets that meet the rel­e­vant breed stan­dard should then be reg­is­tered.

As for tag­ging, if they were a) born on your hold­ing, b) are under a year old and c) are mov­ing di­rectly to an­other farm or small­hold­ing, they do not need to be tagged. In­stead, you can spray a tem­po­rary paint mark on them (such as a green stripe, red spot, etc) and put that down on the on­line li­cence when it asks for an iden­ti­fi­ca­tion mark. The on­line form will also specif­i­cally ask whether or not they are mov­ing on a tem­po­rary mark.

How­ever, if you wanted to take them to a mar­ket to sell — at any age — or if they were over a year old and mov­ing any­where, in­clud­ing to slaugh­ter, they would need to be tagged with your herd num­ber.

So, in short, if you are sell­ing to an­other farm or small­hold­ing, just use a paint spray mark and de­scribe it on the on­line li­cence. Ex­plain to the new keeper that the pigs will need to be tagged with their herd mark when/if they go for slaugh­ter or are sold on.

Cross-bred pigs do not need to be birth-no­ti­fied or reg­is­tered

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