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QMy favourite hen be­came lethar­gic. She had a poor ap­petite, but was still drink­ing and lay­ing the odd soft-shelled egg. She had had a full set of vac­ci­na­tions be­fore I bought her. Then she be­gan to breathe very heav­ily, coughed up some blood and went in to a de­cline. My vet ad­vised eu­thana­sia with a post­mortem. I couldn’t af­ford the PM, but this means I do not know what was wrong with her. Any ideas? VIC­TO­RIA ROBERTS SAYS: With the very hot sum­mer, mouldy feed (due to hav­ing sweated in plas­tic bags) has caused some strange ill­nesses. Make sure that the feed is al­ways used up be­fore the use-by date as this means the nu­tri­tion is still good. The only vac­ci­na­tion that I un­der­stand this hen did not have was for in­fec­tious laryn­go­tra­cheitis (ILT). A post­mortem is al­ways use­ful and your vet could have done this with­out much of a charge if sam­ples were not sent off to a lab­o­ra­tory. The tra­chea should have been opened and, if full of bloody mu­cus, this would have been ILT. There is a vac­cine avail­able, so do talk to your vet.

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