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Some­times our fore­bears were ahead of their time when it came to un­der­stand­ing nat­u­rally-pro­duced, or­ganic-type reme­dies. In 1899, it was sug­gested that fleas on poul­try could be erad­i­cated with a dust­ing of Per­sian pow­der — which is pro­duced from the powdered flow­ers of plants in the gen­era Chrysan­the­mum. Al­ter­na­tively, one could give birds a bath of a so­lu­tion pre­pared from quassia chips boiled in wa­ter. Rush­ing to Google quassia chips, up pops “Quassia Amara… is a small trop­i­cal tree indige­nous to the West Indies and South Amer­ica with red flow­ers and red fruit, with the bark that has the use­ful prop­er­ties. Be­cause it is a safe in­sec­ti­cide to use, with­out any harm­ful ef­fects, it is very use­ful to the or­ganic gar­dener and farmer.”

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