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If you buy young an­i­mals — such as weaner pigs or cade lambs — for the pur­pose of rear­ing them for slaugh­ter, re­mem­ber that this is what they have been sold to you for. They may well be an­i­mals which — for what­ever rea­son — are not fit to be re­tained for breed­ing pur­poses (eg, piglets with insufficient num­bers of teats, or, in the case of cat­tle, you may have been sold a ‘ freemartin’ heifer which will be in­fer­tile). If you feel that you may have a change of heart, then you should pur­chase suit­able an­i­mals in the first place (al­though ex­pect to pay more), or re­move temp­ta­tion by buy­ing only cas­trates.

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