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Al­though you may own your small­hold­ing, you do not nec­es­sar­ily own the shoot­ing/sport­ing rights over the land. So, be­fore you let fly with both bar­rels at that sly old cock pheas­ant who has been mak­ing a nui­sance of him­self in the vegetable gar­den, check your ti­tle deeds, as oth­er­wise you could face pros­e­cu­tion for poach­ing.

If you don’t own the sport­ing rights, all is not lost. The Ground Game Act (1880) gives you, the oc­cu­pier of the land, the in­alien­able right to kill rab­bits and hares on the land that you oc­cupy, ir­re­spec­tive of any­one else who holds the right to do so, and the Deer Act (1991) clearly de­fines landown­ers and oc­cu­piers as peo­ple au­tho­rised to take deer on the land that they own or oc­cupy. Also, your ti­tle deeds may spec­ify cer­tain pest species that you are per­mit­ted to kill, such as wood­pi­geons.

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