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A tidy, well-cut hedge can make all the dif­fer­ence to the ap­pear­ance of a small­hold­ing, so what is the best way to tackle those hedgerows?

For­ma­tive prun­ing is usu­ally car­ried out in win­ter or spring. Af­ter this, main­te­nance trim­ming is un­der­taken be­tween spring and sum­mer.

“The in­ven­tion of the trac­tor-mounted sidearm flail cut­ter 50 years ago revolutionised how hedgerows are main­tained and it is a pop­u­lar method for landown­ers,” says Siromer MD Louise Howard. “Flail hedge cut­ters save a huge amount of time and ef­fort when main­tain­ing long lengths of hedge. They use a hang­ing blade, which ro­tates rapidly on a ver­ti­cal plain, cut­ting and mulching woody growth suc­cess­fully.

“It’s im­por­tant that flails are kept in good con­di­tion and that the cor­rect ro­ta­tion and for­ward speeds are main­tained so that thicker branches are not left ragged, bruised or with open wounds. Rais­ing the cut­ting height by 10cm each time a cut is made will help.”

The Siromer U44 Hedge Trim­mer is suit­able for com­pact trac­tors 24hp and up­wards and boasts an in­ter­change­able flail and fin­ger bar head giv­ing the small­holder the ul­ti­mate ver­sa­til­ity. The fin­ger bar head is 130cm and there is an op­tion of ei­ther a 80cm or 100cm flail head. It costs £3,850 + VAT. For more in­for­ma­tion, visit www.siromer.co.uk.

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