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Farm­ers? Post­men? School chil­dren? World War I? None of the above. The clocks only go back be­cause they go for­ward in March (from Greenwich Mean Time to Day­light Sav­ing Time), which they’ve done since 1916 af­ter a life­long cam­paign by builder Wil­liam Willett (great-great-grand­fa­ther of Cold­play singer Chris Martin). He be­lieved we wasted pro­duc­tive day­light in the morn­ing, and money on lights in the evening, by get­ting up too late in the lighter part of the year. He was also fed up cut­ting short his af­ter-work games of golf be­cause dusk was fall­ing. His cam­paign reached fruition a year af­ter his death. My fam­ily are farm­ers and even they moan about it, and they are the ones it was ap­par­ently meant to be help­ing. – Hazel Ker­ri­son It’s to al­low the clocks you for­got to change back in March to cor­rect them­selves. – Richard Inns It’s aw­ful when you have chil­dren, their body­clocks don’t change for days! – Xan­the Waite I re­mem­ber when ‘day­light sav­ing’ was tri­alled in Western Aus­tralia dur­ing the 1980s – folks in Perth were com­plain­ing the “ex­tra hour of day­light” would fade their cur­tains quicker! You could not make it up! – He­lene Grif­fiths-Adams It just messes with your sleep pat­tern and con­fuses my cat! – Ruth Tay­lor

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