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Test your ru­ral knowl­edge.

1) Caen Hill has a flight of 29 locks (pic­tured), sit­u­ated on which Bri­tish Canal? a) Llan­gollen Canal b) Cale­do­nian Canal c) Ken­net and Avon Canal d) Grand Junc­tion Canal

2) Which monarch was be­headed on 8 Fe­bru­ary 1587 a) Charles I b) Ed­ward II c) Henry IV d) Mary, Queen of Scots

3) “Why, what’s the mat­ter, That you have such a Fe­bru­ary face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudi­ness?” is a line from which Shake­speare play? a) Much Ado About Noth­ing b) A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream c) Twelfth Night d) The Mer­chant Of Venice

4) Which is Eng­land’s largest national park? a) Dart­moor b) York­shire Dales c) Lake District d) South Downs

5) Set in Lon­don, which chil­dren’s film mis­tak­enly fea­tures an Amer­i­can robin in­stead of a Euro­pean one? a) Water­ship Down b) Mary Pop­pins c) Bed­knobs and Broom­sticks

d) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

6) The Coun­try­side and Rights of Way Act im­ple­mented the ‘right to roam’. In which year did the act come into force? a) 1989 b) 1997 c) 2000 d) 2005

7) In win­ter, lucky twitch­ers can see the courtship dance of which wa­ter bird? a) Coot b) Gar­ganey c) Moorhen d) Great crested grebe

8) Which Chris­tian fes­ti­val, mark­ing the mid­point of win­ter, falls on 2 Fe­bru­ary? a) Shrove Tues­day b) As­cen­sion Day c) Can­dle­mas d) Lent

9) Which Bri­tish rock band is named after an 18th Cen­tury Berk­shire agri­cul­tur­ist? a) Jethro Tull b) Bar­clay James Harvest c) Man­fred Mann d) Spencer Davis Group

10) On av­er­age, how many eggs does a fe­male frog lay? a) 400 b) 4,000 c) 40,000 d) 1 mil­lion

11) 12 Fe­bru­ary 1809 was the birth­date of which English nat­u­ral­ist? a) James Sowerby b) David At­ten­bor­ough c) Al­fred Rus­sell Wal­lace d) Charles Dar­win

12) Au­thor Bill Bryson was the pres­i­dent of which or­gan­i­sa­tion from 2007-2012?

a) Cam­paign to Pro­tect Ru­ral Eng­land b) The Ram­blers c) National Trust d) Coun­try­side Al­liance

Caen Hill locks – a flight of stairs for nar­row­boats, but on which canal can they be found?

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