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Test your ru­ral knowl­edge.

1) Skara Brae (pic­tured) is a ne­olithic set­tle­ment lo­cated in which Scot­tish ar­chi­pel­ago? a) Shet­land b) Orkney c) In­ner He­brides d) Outer He­brides 2) Cider With Rosie was based on Lau­rie Lee’s child­hood in which English county? a) Worces­ter­shire b) Glouces­ter­shire c) Som­er­set d) Devon 3) A young, un­cas­trated male horse is oth­er­wise known as a: a) Mare b) Geld­ing c) Colt d) Stal­lion 4) The sum­mer sol­stice will fall on which day in 2018? a) 4 June b) 20 June c) 21 June d) 22 June 5) Dubris was the Ro­man name of which sea­side town? a) Dover b) Dun­wich c) Dorch­ester d) Dun­bar 6) At 978m above sea level, Scafell Pike is the high­est point in Eng­land. In which na­tional park is it lo­cated? a) Peak Dis­trict b) York­shire Dales c) Lake Dis­trict d) South Downs 7) BBC Ra­dio 4’s The

Archers is set in which fic­tional vil­lage? a) Am­bridge b) Hunts­ford c) Tut­t­ley d) Mar­wick 8) Which sum­mer wild flower is pic­tured be­low? a) Bloody cranes­bill b) Field scabi­ous c) Cow pars­ley d) Red cam­pion 9) Sk­er­ryvore is the tallest Scot­tish ex­am­ple of which type of build­ing? a) Church b) Water tower c) Light­house d) Sus­pen­sion bridge 10) Snae­fell is the only moun­tain of which Bri­tish is­land? a) Isle of Man b) Isle of Wight c) Isle of Skye d) Isle of Mull 11) Which na­tional park con­tains Europe’s largest area of pro­tected night sky? a) Bre­con Bea­cons b) Lake Dis­trict c) Northum­ber­land d) Ex­moor 12) Known for his paint­ings of Ded­ham Vale, which land­scape artist was born in Suf­folk on 11 June 1776? a) Samuel Palmer b) JMW Turner c) Thomas Gains­bor­ough d) John Con­sta­ble 13) Which wad­ing bird is the em­blem of the RSPB? a) Curlew b) Snipe c) Avo­cet d) Sand­piper 14) Which Scot­tish longdis­tance path runs from Fort Wil­liam to Inverness? a) West High­land Way b) John Muir Way c) Rob Roy Way d) Great Glen Way

Skara Brae was oc­cu­pied from circa 3180BC to 2500BC – but on which ar­chi­pel­ago would you find it?

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