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At­lantic sal­mon spawn in clean, fast-flow­ing rivers. The fe­male cuts a hol­low nest, a redd, in the riverbed and sheds up to 10,000 eggs. Af­ter a month or so, the tiny alevins hatch and quickly grow into ju­ve­nile fish, known as parr. The parr live in fresh­wa­ter for two years, then turn sil­ver and mi­grate to sea as smolts, trav­el­ling to Green­land or the Nor­we­gian Sea. One type of sal­mon, known as grilse, stays at sea for only one win­ter; big­ger, true sal­mon spend two or more win­ters feed­ing and grow­ing. When ready, each fish re­turns to the ex­act same place it was born to spawn and be­gin the next gen­er­a­tion.

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