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Countryfile Magazine - - Lazy Days - c) Swan­age d) Lyme Regis

1. Which of these veg­eta­bles isn’t ac­tu­ally a vegetable?

a) Turnip b) Swede c) Pump­kin d) Cau­li­flower

2. Which is Bri­tain’s small­est bat?

a) Lesser Horse­shoe b) Pip­istrelle c) Noc­tule d) Dauben­ton’s

3. Which species of deer is pic­tured?

a) Fal­low deer b) Red deer c) Sika deer d) Roe deer

4. Which is­land in the In­ner He­brides is known for its abbey?

a) Is­lay b) Iona c) Skye d) Jura

5. Which of these foods has Pro­tected Ge­o­graph­i­cal In­di­ca­tion (PGI) sta­tus?

a) Cor­nish pasty b) Nor­folk beef c) Black­pool fish and chips d) Sus­sex Ched­dar

6. Which poet wrote Es­pe­cially When the Oc­to­ber Wind?

a) Wil­liam Blake b) John Mil­ton c) Dy­lan Thomas d) Robert Brown­ing

7. Drum­mond Cas­tle (pic­tured) is in which part of Scot­land?

a) Perthshire b) Fife c) Ar­gyll d) Aberdeen­shire

8. Which of the fol­low­ing is a for­est in County Durham?

a) Ger­bil­ham For­est b) Ham­ster­ley For­est c) Rat­ter­ham Woods d) Guinea Copse

9. In which pur­suit might some­one use a cram­pon?

a) Water­ski­ing b) Paraglid­ing c) Moun­taineer­ing d) Ori­en­teer­ing

10. Which town is known as ‘The Pearl of Dorset’?

a) Wey­mouth b) Dorch­ester

11. Which colour­ful Welsh vil­lage was fa­mously fea­tured in the 60s TV show The Pris­oner?

a) Port­meirion b) Tin­tern c) Taly­bont-on-Usk d) Lit­tle Haven

12. Bisham Woods in Berk­shire is said to have in­spired which book?

a) Peter and Wendy b) The Wa­ter Ba­bies c) The Tale of Peter Rab­bit d) The Wind in the Wil­lows

13. What is the Latin name for the Euro­pean goldfinch (pic­tured above)?

a) Eritha­cus rubec­ula b) Car­du­elis car­du­elis c) Tur­dus merula d) Stur­nus vul­garis

14. Who wrote The Rail­way Chil­dren?

a) Beatrix Pot­ter b) Edith Nes­bit c) Enid Bly­ton d) Frances Hodg­son Bur­nett

Drum­mond Cas­tle sits on Gask Ridge, just south of Cri­eff

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