Ditch the cling film and plas­tic sand­wich bags and re­duce your kitchen waste with these easy-to-make re­us­able beeswax food wraps

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You will need: • 100% cot­ton fab­ric or muslin (or­ganic if pos­si­ble), washed and ironed • Pink­ing shears • Pure beeswax (100g) • Jo­joba oil (10g, for its an­tibac­te­rial qual­i­ties) • Co­conut or al­mond oil (10g, to make the fab­ric more pli­able) • Pine resin, pow­dered (70g, you can buy it from bald­ • Clean brush with thin bris­tles • Bak­ing parch­ment • Bak­ing tray • Dry­ing rack

1 Cut your pre-washed fab­ric to the size you want us­ing pink­ing shears (to pre­vent fray­ing). A thin, fine-weave cot­ton is best, as it is eas­ier to fold and wrap when in­fused with wax; muslin or sheet-thick­ness is ideal. The beeswax will turn your fab­ric slightly yel­low, so choose a colour that won’t clash.

2 Put the pine resin (if in chunks, roll it with a rolling pin to turn it to pow­der) in a metal bowl and place over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter. When the resin starts to melt, add the beeswax, al­mond or co­conut oil and jo­joba. When the in­gre­di­ents have melted, mix to­gether gen­tly, keep­ing the pan on a low heat.

3 Heat your oven to 140°C. Lay the fab­ric on a bak­ing sheet cov­ered with bak­ing pa­per, mak­ing sure the pa­per is big­ger than your fab­ric. If you’re mak­ing a large wrap, for storing bread for ex­am­ple, it’s okay to fold the fab­ric so it fits on your bak­ing sheet. Place in the oven for two min­utes to heat the fab­ric.

4 Take the tray out of the oven and, work­ing quickly, use your brush to paint the fab­ric with the beeswax mix. Re­turn to the oven for a minute, then re­move and brush again to en­sure the wax is spread evenly all over the cot­ton. Use pegs or just drape the fab­ric on a rack to dry; it will take only min­utes.

5 Your wrap is then ready to use. Use the warmth of your hands to shape it around a bowl, jar or sand­wich. Don’t use your wrap to cover raw fish, eggs or meat. Clean it with a cloth us­ing cold-to-warm wa­ter – hot will melt the wax – and a lit­tle de­ter­gent; rinse and hang to dry. If it needs a re­fresh af­ter a few months, place on a lined tray in a 140°C oven for three min­utes.

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