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Barter… and be kind

- Kim Stod­dart gave up a high-fly­ing job in Brighton to move with her fam­ily to a smallholdi­ng in deep­est Wales. She hasn’t looked back since and is pas­sion­ate about her new ‘make- do-and-mend’ life­style. Kim writes reg­u­larly for The Guardian

Why be­ing badly be­haved is much more fun with oth­ers

There’s no doubt that hav­ing a bit of land gives you the op­por­tu­nity to do more of what you would like. Whether you’re on a quest for much greater self-suf­fi­ciency and try­ing to make, mend and do ev­ery­thing, or you sim­ply enjoy skip­ping around your field and making daisy chains. Or …like most small­hold­ers, you don’t have the time or in­cli­na­tion for ac­tual skip­ping and prob­a­bly fall some­where in-be­tween…

The fact is you can do what you like and, re­gard­less of your in­ten­tions, your op­por­tu­ni­ties will broaden im­mensely if you find some like-minded oth­ers with which to work. A bit of good old fash­ioned barter and ex­change will save you money (and po­ten­tially time) as you swop, lend and help each other. It can act as a re­minder why you have cho­sen smallholdi­ng life in the first place and be re- energising in a way that is sim­ply fan­tas­tic.

Bar­ter­ing is a per­fect ex­cuse to get to know more peo­ple in your area. From be­friend­ing your lo­cal tree sur­geon and offering some lamb in re­turn for wood chip­pings, to go­ing to your lo­cal seed swap, to just ran­domly ap­proach­ing neigh­bours and suggest­ing a vi­able ex­change over a cup of tea and cake. It’s civilised in a way that much of mod­ern so­ci­ety is not. Be kind. Be gen­er­ous and like­minded peo­ple and fun bar­ter­ing ad­ven­tures will come your way. FOR MORE BADLY BE­HAVED IDEAS AND AN­TICS SEE WWW.GET­BADLY­BE­HAVED.COM

 ??  ?? Kim chat­ting to an older farm­ing neigh­bour
Kim chat­ting to an older farm­ing neigh­bour
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Rear­ing Christ­mas tur­keys…
one for a neigh­bour
Rear­ing Christ­mas tur­keys… one for a neigh­bour

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