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1 CU­MIN con­tains nu­mer­ous phy­to­chem­i­cals that are known to have an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties.

2 THE spice is a good source of min­er­als like iron, cop­per and zinc. Iron is re­quired for red blood cell for­ma­tion, cop­per is re­quired in the pro­duc­tion of red blood cells, while zinc is a co-fac­tor in many en­zymes that reg­u­late growth and devel­op­ment, diges­tion and nu­cleic acid syn­the­sis.

3 CU­MIN also con­tains potas­sium and man­ganese. Potas­sium helps the body con­trol heart rate and blood pres­sure.

4 IT’S a good source of B vi­ta­mins such as thi­amine, vi­ta­min B6, niacin, ri­boflavin, and other anti-ox­i­dant vi­ta­mins such as vi­ta­min A, C and E.

5 THE seeds are also a rich source of many flavonoid an­tiox­i­dants such as carotenes and lutein.

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