Huge prob­lem with bring­ing back trams

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THE idea of re-in­tro­duc­ing trams to Coven­try (Dec 4) may seem like a good idea but the prob­lem is that trams will need seg­re­gated road space which is al­ready at a pre­mium in the city and ig­nores the fact that our roads are in fact full and have no more traf­fic ca­pac­ity.

Un­less th­ese trams can have new off-road cor­ri­dors opened up for them, they will sim­ply add to the al­ready un­ac­cept­able con­ges­tion on our roads.

Once tram tracks are laid, they are im­mov­able, and other traf­fic will have to be forced into tighter spa­ces. We have al­ready seen that many of the bus lanes that were in­tro­duced in the early 2000s have been aban­doned as they caused un­ac­cept­able con­ges­tion to other traf­fic.

Surely greener buses are a bet­ter so­lu­tion? Buses are more flex­i­ble and their routes can be changed ac­cord­ing to de­mand. Tram lines are fixed and per­ma­nent. We need to think again. Paul Blun­dell Whit­ley

Or­gan­ised chaos of city’s car parks

THE peo­ple of Coven­try do not need to go a see and a pan­tomime – they can see one free of charge at Cor­po­ra­tion Street and West Or­chards car park. On Satur­day, De­cem­ber 1, af­ter a long wait, I en­tered West Orchard car park at 1.30pm and the time I had to wait for a park­ing space af­ter queu­ing on the ramp it was 2.20pm. Ab­so­lute chaos. Upon leav­ing the car park at 2.47pm I paid my £2 park­ing fee and then af­ter 3pm ac­tu­ally left the car park only to find that the exit bar­rier had been left open – so no one had to pay. This in­for­ma­tion was not placed on the pay­ment ma­chines in the shop­ping com­plex. Gen­er­ally it was or­gan­ised chaos and I dread to think what it will be like on a Satur­day nearer Christ­mas.

My sug­ges­tion is that the coun­cil sort it out or res­i­dents of Coven­try do their shop­ping some­where else. John Hes­keth Bed­worth

Sad irony in de­cline of Great Bri­tish pub

ONE third of the city’s pubs have closed in the last decade (Dec 3) and many more are limp­ing along on a shoe string.

It was not that long ago that the good old Bri­tish pub was the hub of com­mu­ni­ties and a cru­cial part of our his­tory and cul­ture.

Iron­i­cally, Coven­try will be the City of Cul­ture in 2021 and by then no doubt more pubs will have called last or­ders.

In the build-up to City of Cul­ture sta­tus, the coun­cil is fran­ti­cally go­ing all-out with its care­fully stage­m­an­aged cha­rade in a des­per­ate bid to con­vince all that we are wor­thy of this ac­co­lade. Yet they seem lit­tle con­cerned about the plight of our pub­lic houses, true bas­tions of Bri­tish cul­ture.

Sadly there are many rea­sons for the de­cline in pubs. Beer prices be­ing one of them, the safety of walk­ing to and from the pub af­ter dark be­ing an­other.

The in­fil­tra­tion of the drug cul­ture and the un­savoury folk that drugs en­cour­age. But then, many years ago, pubs were places where peo­ple com­mu­ni­cated, de­bated, shared ideas and val­ues. A place where col­lec­tive minds forged and mo­ti­vated a force for cul­tural change.

Call me a cynic, but I do be­lieve there are some out there who for this very rea­son are happy to see the end of the Great Bri­tish pub. Brian Nathan-Par­tridge Stivichall

Tuk tuk users will need in­stant ac­cess

I HAVE to agree with Coun­cil­lor Mut­ton’s dis­ap­point­ment (Dec 4).

In­tro­duce tuk tuks and “make Coven­try more tourist friendly”. A good thought for 2021 City of Cul­ture visitors. But pre-book? Where is the vis­i­tor friend­li­ness in that?

In­stant move­ment re­quires in­stant re­sponse. If the gen­eral feel­ing was that pre-book­ing won’t work, why vote for it?

It’s no good keep­ing a beady eye on the sit­u­a­tion, by the time reme­dies are agreed, the visitors will have been and gone. Frank Har­ri­son Coundon

Con­fis­cate ve­hi­cles of speed­ing driv­ers

RE­CENT re­ports tell us that a man caught speed­ing five times in a £93,000 Range Rover now faces eight months in jail (Dec 1).

He was also fined and dis­qual­i­fied for 27 months. Per­haps it is time that the cars of speed­ing mo­torists were to be con­fis­cated? Fred Foster Radford

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