Sul­li­van Sta­ple­ton on Blindspot, Bond and plenty in be­tween.

He’s the Melbourne-born ac­tor who played a drug dealer in Aus­tralian film An­i­mal King­dom and an ex-us com­mando in TV thriller Strike Back, as well as ap­pear­ing in Gang­ster Squad. Now Sul­li­van Sta­ple­ton is star­ring as FBI agent Kurt Weller in Blindspot, a

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What did you make of Blindspot’s open­ing scene, where a naked, tat­tooed am­ne­siac woman (Jaimie Alexan­der) climbs out of duf­fel bag in Times Square?

It drew me into the se­ries in­stantly. To see them shut down Times Square and her climb out of that bag, it was phe­nom­e­nal, dude. I couldn’t imag­ine any­thing like that – they went to Times Square and it was awe­some. They had the square locked off for a lit­tle bit, but New York­ers, they’re tough peo­ple. We went back to Times Square again dur­ing the se­ries and that was awe­some be­cause peo­ple knew about it. It was nice to see that ex­cite­ment and that hap­pi­ness in peo­ple.

What did you think when it was re­vealed the Jane Doe char­ac­ter had Kurt’s name tat­tooed on her back?

Yeah, I don’t know. That’s what I still

want to know, be­cause ob­vi­ously we find out at the end of this sea­son that she’s not who she said she was.

How much did you know about the sto­ry­line dur­ing film­ing?

Noth­ing. So that’s the an­swer to your next ques­tion – I don’t know what’s go­ing to hap­pen in the sec­ond sea­son. No, and I don’t want to know.

Was it lib­er­at­ing play­ing op­po­site a fe­male char­ac­ter who’s as tough as you – and even saves your life?

It’s awe­some, dude. It’s great that through­out the team we fight to­gether. I love what they come up with in the fight­ing scenes, and ob­vi­ously Jaimie kicks ass. She had to flip me once – I’m 90 ki­los. Au­drey [Es­parza, Spe­cial Agent Zapata], she’s tough as nails, she’s run­ning around with us in heels. They made Ash­ley [John­son, Spe­cial Agent Pat­ter­son] run through snow for two days – she had to es­cape, she’d been kid­napped – and she did it bare­foot. They are tough girls.

You suf­fered an off-set in­jury dur­ing Strike Back in Thai­land in 2014.

Yeah, that was af­ter film­ing, I bumped my head quite se­ri­ously.

Are you still do­ing stunts?

Yeah, def­i­nitely, I think I’d strug­gle if I couldn’t. Well, I wouldn’t take the role if I couldn’t. I kind of look for­ward to do­ing some roles that don’t have stunts or fight­ing, but if you sat me down and said “You can sit on the bench while the stunt­man does all the fun stuff,” that wouldn’t be a good day out.

Do you like the con­spir­acy an­gle in Blindspot – plot­lines about ge­netic en­gi­neer­ing or sur­veil­lance drones?

Yeah, I like the fact that I guess [the writ­ers] are watch­ing the news and they’re putting that stuff into the show. We see that stuff on the news every day, so why not put it in the show?

Do you have any tat­toos?

Yeah. [ Shows Thai let­ters on right in­ner arm.] It says An­i­mal King­dom.

Have you seen the US TV se­ries based on the Aus­tralian film?

No. I’m in­ter­ested to see how it is. It’s sur­pris­ing they did it. I want to know what crimes the fam­ily are do­ing – and more to the point, who’s play­ing me. I want to see that.

Do you think we’ll find out the iden­tity of Jane Doe in Se­ries 2 of Blindspot?

I don’t know. That’s the great thing about this show – you can draw that out. That will keep the au­di­ence [watch­ing], but it will frus­trate the shit out of me be­cause I want to know. That’s where we ended the first sea­son so far, so now: what hap­pened? Where is she? Why did she do this? I sort of want to find out as the au­di­ence finds out. I don’t want to sit there and know about it too soon.

What’s the chem­istry like on set?

I think we get along like it is on screen, we have a lot of fun and they’re a great team, so it makes go­ing to work en­joy­able every day. Be­cause they’re gru­elling days – they’re re­ally long. We have a lot of fun do­ing it. Some­times some­one cracks us up on the set. You know, you’re try­ing to do these in­tense scenes and some­one’s be­ing an id­iot or muck­ing around.

Blindspot also touches on James Bond ter­ri­tory with in­ter­na­tional ter­ror­ists. Would you like to be the sec­ond Aus­tralian James Bond?

[ Laughs] Umm, I don’t know if I’d think about it and go to plan it. But you’d have to be a fuck­ing dum­b­ass ac­tor if they said “Would you like to play James Bond?” and you said “No, I don’t re­ally want to do that”. I think I’m more suited to Ja­son Bourne than James Bond. But you know, I look good in a suit, dude.

Blindspot Se­ries 1 is out on DVD and Blu-ray on 3 Oc­to­ber. Se­ries 2 airs on Sky Liv­ing later this year.

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