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Each piece of Form­card is a plas­tic rec­tan­gle roughly the size of a credit card, but thicker. You drop one into boiled wa­ter, fish it out, let it cool a lit­tle and you’ve got your­self a sticky plas­tic mess that feels like a blob of chew­ing gum. This gummy blob works well as a hy­brid of glue and putty, and sets hard once it’s cooled. If you make mis­takes with it, you can peel it up, re­heat it and try again, which is very handy. You get three pieces in a pack, and it’s rel­a­tively sim­ple to use, al­though it does have some draw­backs. The first is that it’s near im­pos­si­ble to make any ex­ter­nal re­pair look nice with it, even if the colour matches. Se­condly, it re­quires a lot of squash­ing and prod­ding to use. As the last re­sort of the jury rig­ger, though, it’s a help­ful ad­di­tion to a tool­kit.


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