Make a GPU back­plate

Antony Leather shows you how to make a cus­tom back­plate for your graph­ics card

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Antony Leather shows you how to cre­ate and paint your own cus­tom graph­ics card back­plate.


Many premium graph­ics cards have back­plates on the rear of the PCB on the op­po­site side to the cooler. They can serve sev­eral pur­poses, in­clud­ing cool­ing and pro­tect­ing the PCB. Another fac­tor, of course, is that they also look a lot bet­ter than the usual mass of re­sis­tors and knob­bly bits on the rear of a PCB.

Some graph­ics cards don’t in­clude them, though, and if you wa­ter­cool your graph­ics card, you’ll likely need to re­move the stock back­plate too, as wa­terblocks of­ten use dif­fer­ent screws. It’s quite easy to cre­ate your own cus­tom back­plate, though, and we’d like to thank CPC reader Mur­doch McCrum for sug­gest­ing this guide in our let­ters sec­tion last month. We’ll be show­ing you how to use coloured acrylic, along with spray paint and even a vinyl cut­ter, to cre­ate a cus­tom back­plate with your own de­sign. We’ll also show you how to safely mount it to the rear of your graph­ics card.

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