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■ Pick a record ( — we did one of the five cir­cuit records laid out in 2016, many of which have not been set yet. ■ Pick an ap­prox­i­mate date (you might want to wait for the weather, so fac­tor in some flex­i­bil­ity and a pe­riod dur­ing which you can be ready to go). ■ Read the RRA rules — fa­mil­iarise your­self with the rules of feed­ing, pass­ing, and ob­servers. ■ Find a time­keeper — join the RRA and have a ring around. ■ Draw up a no­tice and sched­ule, and sub­mit it, and fig­ure out just how fast you have to ride. ■ Work out your hydration and nutri­tion strat­egy — how does this fit in with the time­keep­ers and ob­servers? ■ Lo­gis­tics — how are you, and your time­keep­ers and ob­servers, go­ing to get there and back while stay­ing fed, wa­tered and ready to ride?

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