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As Tour cham­pion, Thomas now has to have a view on ev­ery­thing. He can be asked any ques­tion about the sport, will be ex­pected to give an an­swer and knows that quote could go round the world within min­utes. As straight­for­ward and laid-back as he al­ways was, Thomas now has a level of ma­tu­rity to tackle most top­ics.


“Eurgh… It’s fine with me. I don’t think it’d af­fect the race. Other races are ex­cit­ing and they use power me­ters in them. I don’t think it makes much dif­fer­ence. Should we all put woollen jer­seys on too? Have gear changes on our down tube? I feel that sport needs to keep evolv­ing and push­ing for­ward.”


“It’s not nice and I’d pre­fer it not to be like that. It wasn’t there when we first started and weren’t win­ning. Since we’ve be­come more and more dom­i­nant, it’s in­creased. This year you no­ticed more in the first week when you weren’t on the limit and not rac­ing for the win. In the moun­tains you’re more fo­cused and it’s back­ground noise. But it brought us to­gether and gave us a com­mon en­emy.”


“I think the riders should have more power for sure and a stronger CPA that rep­re­sents ev­ery­one in the pelo­ton. At the end of the day we’re the guys out rac­ing on the road and we have the least amount of say. There’s the UCI, the teams and or­gan­is­ers but it’s all a bit of a mess and needs to im­prove and move on. It’s def­i­nitely a bit back­wards.”


“I don’t know 100 per cent how it came out. I’ve heard ru­mours on how it hap­pened and if it’s true [that the UCI leaked it], that’d be crazy. The UCI are sup­posed to be the gov­ern­ing body and be neu­tral. It’s in the rules that it shouldn’t have come out un­til the fi­nal de­ci­sion was made.”

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