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Azul Aero.21 jersey, £120, Fondista bibshorts, £135,

In the rider-bike system, the human portion accounts for around 80% of total drag, so it stands to reason that making the rider more slippery is the most influentia­l factor in achieving overall aerodynami­c efficiency.

Yorkshire-based kit brand Dessus had this fact in mind when it developed its Azul Aero.21 jersey, which it says is ‘8-16 watts faster than a standard jersey’. It is a pretty bold claim yet looks to be far from baseless. Dessus says it worked with Body Rocket, a British engineerin­g brand that specialise­s in aero testing, to produce the data, which is how is came up with its zipless design.

According to Dessus, ditching the traditiona­l zip creates a second-skin-like fit, which it supports with aero material choices and hidden rear pockets.

While the Azul jersey is all about going fast, the Fondista bibshorts are more about being comfortabl­e. They use plush, durable fabrics with a compressiv­e fit to support the working muscles, and they feature Dolomiti’s Cibara chamois, which has perforatio­ns in the pad to promote airflow and improve comfort over long durations.

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