Why I’ll now sup­port SNP

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WE FACE a busy week af­ter Sun­day. On Tues­day the US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, on Thurs­day that for Glen­rothes in Scot­land. Quite a dif­fer­ence in size but with this in com­mon: one will make a head of gov­ern­ment, the other might de­stroy one.

I never thought I would say it but were I David Cameron I would ask po­ten­tial Tory vot­ers to switch to the SNP. Let wee Alex Sal­mond have Glen­rothes if he wants it. It might pro­voke a spring elec­tion and en­able us to oust the sec­ond worst Prime Min­is­ter for ages. (Oh yes, I still think Blair has the cham­pi­onship with a com­mand­ing lead in lies; of course, he had more time!)

Back in the US, the snootier in the me­dia con­tinue to go puce at the sight of Amer­i­can Veep can­di­date Sarah Palin but, as I pre­dicted, about 100 mil­lion Yan­kees have fallen for her. It’s the bouncy hair, school­marm glasses, perky fig­ure and ma­niac wink. Plus the Joe Six Pack vo­cab­u­lary, doggone it. So what if she thinks the Hindu Kush is some­thing you sit on?

Mind you, I think she’s go­ing back to Alaska by mid­week. Mrs Joe Bi­den will be mea­sur­ing for new cur­tains for Wash­ing­ton’s Naval Ob­ser­va­tory.

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