Should I date fel­low jog­ger?

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months ago I moved house and started to take a new jog­ging route. In the park I have been run­ning past a very dap­per gen­tle­man. He al­ways smiles and some­times I stop to have a quick chat. Then he sug­gested we go run­ning to­gether. I am 53 and have been di­vorced for a decade so the thought of be­ing with a man is slightly ter­ri­fy­ing. As he runs con­sid­er­ably slower than I do, should I ad­just my pace to match his? I would hate to put him off but take my train­ing very se­ri­ously.

Susie, Not­ting­ham DEBORAH SAYS I’M NOT best placed to an­swer this ques­tion as I find the idea of run­ning slightly ter­ri­fy­ing, let alone with some­one else be­side me. Is this how dat­ing oc­curs in the run­ning com­mu­nity?

Is “shall we run to­gether?” the code for “I fancy you”? Mind you I can’t imag­ine that any man would like jog­ging be­side a woman who is faster and fit­ter than he is. You know how sen­si­tive blokes are.

And if you’re in the fast lane you’re not go­ing to like be­ing with a plod­der and he will doubt­less pick up on your fleet-footed scorn.

So say no to the run­ning but sug­gest a post-run cap­puc­cino in­stead. If you need an ex­cuse you could say you want to be alone with your thoughts and your iPod and he’ll think you’re a bit of a Garbo-es­que femme fa­tale. It’ll also give you a chance to shower and put on some lip­stick.

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