Fer­di­nand in the queue EXCLUSIVE


LES FER­DI­NAND has re­vealed he would love to join Harry Red­knapp’s Tot­ten­ham revo­lu­tion.

Red­knapp wants for­mer Spurs striker Fer­di­nand and ex-mid­fielder Tim Sher­wood to join his coach­ing staff.

Sher­wood is al­ready con­sid­er­ing a job of­fer, while Fer­di­nand is due to hold a sec­ond round of talks. But for­mer Eng­land star Fer­di­nand – now a pun­dit on TV for Se­tanta – would rel­ish such a chance.

“I’ve al­ready had a brief chat with Harry and I will talk to him again,” said Fer­di­nand, who scored 39 goals for Tot­ten­ham be­tween 1997 and 2003.

“If there is a role for me to play that I can do, then I will. I’m not too both­ered whether it would be part-time or full-time, I’d just like to do what­ever I can to help. There are things I could pass on to Ro­man Pav­lyuchenko,

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