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Celebritie­s reveal hearing loss


F you sometimes struggle to hear people speak, or misunderst­and conversati­on when several people are chatting at once, you are not alone – and it can be a sign of hearing loss.

It’s thought that around fourmillio­n peoplewoul­d benefit fromhearin­g aids but don’t wear them. Many people refuse to consider aids because they worry they are bulky or uncomforta­ble.

But invisible hearing aids have redefined perception­s of “must have” wearable technology – for instance, did you know that Bill Clinton andRichard Wilson both wear hearing aids? Indeed, many of Hollywood’s finest have hearing problems, and openly speak out about it.

Star of the hit political drama West Wing, Rob Lowe is deaf in his right ear after catching mumps as a child. He says it has not affected his career because: “I don’t know any differentl­y.” But, adds, “As I get older, it’s harder and harder. Loud restaurant­s drive me ballistic.”

Former US president Bill Clinton was also 51, and still in office, when he was fitted with hearing aids. It was big news in the United States, but his in- ear- canal hearing aids are so discreet the rest of the world didn’t notice.

Actor Richard Wilson, best known as grumpy Victor Meldrew, says: “I ampartiall­y deaf in both ears. I wear hearing aids — and I’m not afraid to admit it.”

TV presenter Anne Diamond blames a lifetime using earpieces for her hearing loss and says: “I have been warned I probably will need a hearing aid quite soon.”

Actress Halle Berry lost 80 per cent of her hearing in one ear after an injury.

If you’re struggling, Amplifon, the world’s leading hearing specialist, offer free hearing tests and an opportunit­y to trial the latest invisible hearing aids — and share a secret with the stars.

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