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Happy wedding is a tribute to Jerry’s warmth


SAY what you will about Jerry Hall and the multi- billionair­e Rupert Murdoch, the couple looked utterly transporte­d by love as they stood arm in arm outside St Bride’s church in Fleet Street.

Not only were the bride and groom grinning from ear to ear, all six of their daughters from their various relationsh­ips were dressed in compliment­ary shades of blue and looking delighted to be witnessing their parents’ union.

That alone is a triumph. Money can buy a hell of a lot of things but it can’t put a smile on a disgruntle­d face. If you think of the usual mélange of misery at “blended” ceremonies, the children of the last marriage too riddled with guilt to enjoy themselves, the children of the first marriage decades older and bitter with neglect, the new Mr and Mrs Murdoch have managed to effect a minor miracle.

The presence of Bianca, the first Mrs Jagger and her daughter Jade, Jerry’s step- daughter, attests still further to the unifying skills of the new power couple. Jerry’s beauty is still earth- shattering but there is much more to her than sensationa­l legs, a mane of hair and an exquisite face. She exudes warmth and envelops all she meets under a mantle of friendline­ss.

May they live happily ever after.

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