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Round up illegals and house them in old Army bases


SOME politician­s maintain we can’t send back illegal migrants who have destroyed their passports (“‘ 1 million illegals living in Britain’”, March 5).

But the solution is simple, just home them on old Army bases and just give them the basics to live on.

Then we’ll see how long it takes before they ask to be returned to their home countries.

By leaving them in the community here in Britain they can earn money and once the start a family it’s virtually impossible to send them home.

Human rights lawyers should not be allowed to use the Legal Aid system to defend any illegal migrants or foreign criminals.

It’s time for Britain to get tough and stop being the soft touch of Europe.

Africa has plenty of safe lands which could be utilised so why should any Africans be given asylum? As far as I can see most of them appear to be economic migrants. Adrian Bonnington,


 ??  ?? UK BOUND: Migrants boarding a lorry in Calais
UK BOUND: Migrants boarding a lorry in Calais

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