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Yes I RETIRED two years ago and every day feels marvellous (“Old age is tops for happiness”, March 7).

I was lucky enough to pay into a final salary pension scheme, my husband and I enjoy excellent health, our children are grown up with families of their own and are financiall­y independen­t and we go on at least two foreign holidays a year. Life has never been better.

Twenty years ago it was a different story, teenage children at home, our elderly parents were suffering ill health and we spent most of our time chasing our tails. But life does get easier with age. Janet Bould,

Bristol No MICK Jagger was right when he sang: “What a drag it is getting old.” There is nothing to be said for it.

Getting out of bed most mornings, my body aches so much it feels like I’ve been run over.

My husband died 10 years ago and our children all live miles away. I hardly ever see them, or the grandchild­ren.

Our mortgage was paid off years ago but my pension only stretches so far. The bus route which goes past my house was cancelled in the cuts so sometimes I don’t speak to anyone for days. How I wish we were a young family again. Valerie Browne,


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