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Government leaves women high and dry on pensions


I’M a 57- year- old woman and very angry at the way the Government is treating me and other women born in the 1950s about pensions.

The goalposts were moved from age 60 to 65, then we were told its now 66 and most recently 67. On top of which I was told my NI contributi­ons had to be 30 years. I’ve paid into that so I believed I qualified for my pension.

That has now been moved to 35 years’ contributi­ons with no opportunit­y for me to reconcile this situation with a five- year shortfall.

I can’t work, I am disabled and I can’t get any financial assistance.

If a company dared to do this it would be classed as fraud. It is outrageous that the Government can get away with it.

It means now I will not be eligible for the full pension. This will also have a profound affect on thousands of other women of my age and something needs to be done to redress this situation.

Kay Humes,

Chichester, W Sussex

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