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Irate Arsene feels the heat


ARSENE WENGER has cracked under growing pressure and defended his position in an explosive rant.

The Arsenal manager insisted he is “bored” with suggestion­s he should be sacked from the job he has held since 1996, despite his side being on the verge of a Champions League exit and eight points behind leaders Leicester in the Premier League.

“Look, I have worked here for 19, 20 years and I’m always sitting here having to justify that I’m good enough to do the job,” said Wenger ahead of tonight’s game at Hull.

“I have no problem to cope with everything but I fi nd that a bit boring in the end.

“I am not on Twitter. I don’t invite anybody to go out to dinner and be nice with them. I work and work and work and work.

“If it’s not good enough, someone will tell me one day. That’s all I can do. I do not worry what you say about me or what fans say about me.

“I try to do my job in a proper way and with full commitment. After that everybody has the right to have an opinion. You do not make a decision if I continue my job or not.

“What I fi nd just boring is always sitting here after 19 years to face, ‘ Do you think you are good enough?’ If I am not somebody will tell me. I cannot infl uence the behaviour of the fans. ”

Wenger had been upset by earlier questions from Sky Sports surroundin­g his future amid criticism from disgruntle­d supporters and pundits.

“I am humble enough every day to question myself, to accept my mistakes and, believe me, I do that,” he said.

“It is no coincidenc­e that the people who own the club tell me to be here for 19 years. Do you think they are more stupid than you or me?”

Ex- players Thierry Henry, above, and Paul Merson are among those who have voiced their concerns over the Gunners this season.

“I have always the same pressure. The pressure I apply to myself is always the same,” said Wenger.

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