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- By Mark Howarth and David Pilditch

EUROCRATS have wasted £1.5million putting English subtitles on to TV programmes which were originally partly made in English.

A pilot scheme has been introduced for “the provision of subtitled versions of European cultural programmin­g to facilitate cross-border online disseminat­ion of cultural content”.

The two million euro funding (£1.57million) is being spent adding English and Spanish subtitles to arts and current affairs shows which can be viewed online in the UK. The content includes two films about Shakespear­e. In one, art critics discuss Shakespear­e’s use of the English language – in French.

Under the farcical scheme, British taxpayers’ money has also been squandered on translatin­g sections of documentar­ies back into the original English in subtitles after the sound had been dubbed over in French or German.

The European Commission launched the project to foster “European integratio­n through culture”.

The Commission believes that watching the foreign documentar­ies will enable people in the UK to feel closer to the European Union.

But critics also claim much of the content is slanted in favour of Britain remaining in the EU.

Matthew Elliott, of Vote Leave, said: “We send £350million to Brussels each week and this is the rubbish they waste it on.

“We should spend our money on our priorities, not subtitles for EU propaganda.”

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